What is the Hope Coalition?

The Hope Coalition grew out of a yearlong series of meetings among business, civic, nonprofit and faith leaders in the community in 2015–2016. The subject: As growing income gaps created more families in poverty, what could the community do to break that cycle? The solution: help children in poverty start kindergarten on a level playing field by making preschool a reality for all. The Hope Coalition is committed to using existing resources in the community to accomplish this goal. In our first year, 40 children attended preschool through this initiative and, in the current school year, 90 are in preschool at five partnering preschools.

The Sioux Falls Promise

Few things are more tragic than untapped potential in children. In a state where equal opportunity still matters, the Hope Coalition believes every child ought to be able to start kindergarten ready to learn. Studies show preschool is the best way to equip them with the necessary skills. Yet the families of as many as 300 children in Sioux Falls cannot afford to send them to preschool. On behalf of the community, we PROMISE to give them that chance.?


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