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About the Sioux Falls Hope Coalition

The Sioux Falls Hope Coalition focuses on narrowing the achievement gap in our community through one simple strategy: Ensuring that every child gets a chance to attend preschool. Supported by business leaders, the United Way, and non-profits, the coalition is seeking to place children, currently on a waiting list for subsidized preschool, into existing high quality faith-based programs.

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Our Responsibility

The Sioux Falls Hope Coalition started in 2015 as a broad community effort to address the needs of a growing number of children and families living in poverty. Challenges include a widening achievement gap between students who had attended preschool and those who have not. That gap continues well after school – in choices of higher education and job training, careers, housing, parenting and civic engagement.

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School Sites

The Hope Coalition is working with the Sioux Falls School District to target children on the Head Start and Title waiting lists in neighborhoods on the west and southeast part of town. The first classes for up to 50 children began in fall 2017.

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